Pieces, a Dialogue Initiative Art Series & Exhibit

In our new program, Pieces, we use UIC students’ expression with art as the vehicle for dialogue and the promotion of identity development through structured dialogues outside of the classroom. The first goal of Pieces is to help promote the building of community and awareness of the diverse people who make up the UIC community of students, professionals, and scholars. The second goal of Pieces is to highlight the use of art as a mode of identity expression and promotion of dialogue to share experiences associated with an individuals multiple and intersecting identities.

To read the full version of the Pieces’ abstract, visit Pieces_abstract.

3 Pieces’ Events
• On September 23, 2015, from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., artist Mo Bella Russo ’16, partnered with the UIC Dialogue Initiative to do a live and interactive art-making experience around hope, love, and justice. What will you choose? See photos from the event here.
• Art & Dialogue Series, a four-session dialogue during October 2015 where participants were provided with an opportunity to explore their own identity and experiences, and how art has been a vehicle for personal expression.
• An exhibit in the Montgomery Ward Gallery at UIC from January 11-Feburary 26, 2016. This exhibit will contain the artwork of dialogue participants as well as UIC student and alumni artwork. See photos from the opening reception


Below is a video by Campus Housing from the Pieces’ Quad event, on September 23. Closed Captions available.