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DLG 120 – FAQ

What is Dialogue? Heading link

Active & Engaged LearningStructured InteractionFacilitated Learning
The course is structured by experiential activities, writing assignments, and questions to stimulate reflection, critical analysis, and dialogue. Writing assignments provide space for reflection and help students integrate their learning from the dialogue sessions, readings, and experiences inside and outside of class.Students learn together as they practice listening, asking questions, exploring difficult issues, and making connections with others. With the help of facilitators, students develop guidelines for respectful dialogic engagement, including working with disagreements and conflicts.While the instructor will cover certain content areas through lecture, most of the learning will occur through dialogue, where students will be creating knowledge by talking about their lives, perspectives, values, and experiences. Students and instructors together will be learning about and from one another.

What will I learn in DLG 120? Heading link

Life ExperienceActive ListeningMarketable Skills
Social Identities & Group MembershipSuspending judgementEffective Communication
Access to cultural resources & powerIdentifying assumptionsGreater self-awareness
Practicing dialogue skillsCritical reflection & inquiryLearning through diversity
Dialogue for civic engagementEmpathyCritical analysis
Social differences and inequityPerspective-takingImproved collaboration
Diversity at UIC

Other FAQs Heading link

Who it's for:• All UIC first-year (freshman) students
• Specific/limited sections (in Term B of each semester) for upper-level (sophomores, juniors, seniors) students
How it counts:• Passing grade counts toward graduation
• Required or elective credit (depends on college/program of enrollment)
• Applies to all undergraduate colleges and degree programs
How its graded:• Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (pass/fail)
• Does not affect GPA
Expectations:• Weekly reflective writing (2 pages);
• Weekly reading/preparation (roughly 20-30 minutes)
• Final paper (4 pages)
• Attendance and participation
• No tests! No Quizzes!