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January 2017: #SanctuaryCampus Dialogue

Wednesday, January 18


Daley Library 1-470

On November 22, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) published a resolution, The Atmosphere on Campus in the Wake of the Elections, urging college and university administrators and faculty members to protect immigrant and undocumented students. This document has become the core text of the #SanctuaryCampus movement, which has recently become a passionately debated topic on campus. On December 6 and December 13, UIC administrators emailed faculty, staff and students articulating the University’s position on the issue, that “we cannot declare our campuses as sanctuaries.” On January 19, a rally is planned at the Board of Trustees meeting organized by Student and Graduate Activists (SAGA) who “demand that they rescind their decision and make University of Illinois a sanctuary campus.”

On January 18, the UIC Dialogue Initiative will convene a group of 25 UIC administrators, faculty and staff members, and students with Jamie Daniel, Senior Program Officer, AAUP to explore how the national #SanctuaryCampus debate manifests on our campus, and identify opportunities for adapting the politics of #SanctuaryCampus to UIC. What can UIC’s role be as a leading institution for immigrant and undocumented students, and what would that look like? How can a state institution, within the limits of the law, fulfill its institutional commitment to diversity and act in solidarity with immigrant and undocumented students?
This dialogue precedes the panel discussion titled What’s Going on and Why? A First Look at the Trump Administration: Immigration and Constitutional Law, this year’s first presentation of the Campus Conversations series organized by Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Susan Poser. The panel discussion will take place on Wednesday, February 1, from noon to 1:00 p.m. in Student Center East – Illinois Rooms A&B on the third floor. The panel members will include legal scholars from the Northwestern and University of Chicago Law Schools.

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#SanctuaryCampus Dialogue

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