The UIC Dialogue Initiative

Welcome to the UIC Dialogue Initiative!

How each of us defines and practices “dialogue” is often unique and personal, so we offer you the opportunity to think critically about dialogue – is it more than just… talking? What’s the difference between dialogue, debate, and discussion? How is dialogue a process for transformative education and understanding?

The Dialogue Initiative was developed by a group of students, staff and faculty as a way to expound upon the structural diversity of UIC to provide students more meaningful dialogue-based social-justice education opportunities. Now seated at the crux of Academic and Student Affairs, the initiative accesses UIC’s diversity by engaging students in intergroup dialogue (IGD) – a form of communication that promotes sustained face-to-face interaction between people of different identity groups to encourage understanding and collaboration.

Whether you’re a faculty member interested in integrating the dialogue process and concept in your class, a staff member in organizing a dialogue workshop for your co-workers, or a student interested in our dialogue class or workshop for a student organization – we can absolutely help.